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November 2022 Clubhouse Update

After much time, research, discussion and patience, the board has finally entered into a contract to complete the last phases of clubhouse repairs. 

We ran into many hurdles in this project which have slowed things down significantly, but we think we have things all sorted out now and we should be on a good path moving forward. If all goes according to plan we hope to have the clubhouse open for use at least by the beginning of pool season late next Spring. This final phase will move all of our struggling bathroom plumbing out from underneath the concrete floors, and into the walls so that it will be easier and cheaper to access in the future if needed, while also fixing the current issues we have. Some of the other issues we are having addressed are: repairs to the walls that were damaged from settling, water issues from the parking lot, adding handicap stalls to both bathrooms so that we can move the clubhouse in the direction of hopefully being more ADA accessible in the future, redoing damaged tiling, and redoing most upper floors due to damage, refitting settled doors, plus more. The plumbing aspect of this project has been time consuming to sort out and will be a large portion of the completion work. We will keep you posted here when we have more updates. 

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