Rules & Regulations


Welcome to Mt. Baker Rim Community Club! The governing Board welcomes you and wants to make you aware of our community’s regulations while you visit or reside in this private, gated community.

  • Members are required to know all Community Club rules and advise family members, guests and tenants.

  •  The maximum speed limit is 15 MPH.

  • No parking on the paved roadway.

  • No breaking or running the entry gate.

  • All vehicles operated within MBR must meet Washington State requirements for licensing, insurance and other driver qualifications. No off-road vehicles are allow-
    ed on any MBR roads or property unless being trailered to and from an approved recreation area.

  • No excessive or intrusive noise as outlined below.

  • No discharging of firearms.

  • Fireworks are not allowed.

  • Dogs must be on a leash when off the owner’s property.

  • Threatening behavior by dogs or incessant barking is not permitted. (Rules and regulations regarding dogs are strictly enforced.)

  • The Community compactor is for household garbage. This does not include any size furniture or appliances, yard debris, large cardboard boxes (recyclables), rugs or carpets. The area is under video surveillance and a fine will be issued for improper use. Please sort your recyclables appropriately and never leave anything on the ground. 

  • No burning of any kind is permitted during a "Burn Ban" period as denoted by Whatcom County. The Whatcom County Burn Ban phone number is 360-676-6934

  • No RV’s or travel trailers may be brought into MBR for temporary use on a residential lot without notification and approval by the Board.

  • You must own your residence for one year before renting.

  • Tenants are not allowed to use community club facilities. Only Club members, their immediate family, and their non-paying guests are allowed to use the tennis courts, swimming pool, sauna and clubhouse, wi-fi access, etc.

  • Permission is required from the Board before beginning any clearing or construction activity on a lot. All trees over 9" in diameter must be pre-approved for removal.

  • Nothing may be stored or allowed to accumulate outside on a private residential lot, including boats, cars, trucks and trailers.

    • Exceptions are made for the following: Seasonal sports vehicles and vessels on or off of a utility trailer may be parked upon a MBR lot as follows:

      • Snowmobiles are allowed from November 1 to April 30.

      • Boats under 17-feet are allowed on a trailer from April 1 to October 31.

      • ATVs are allowed for no longer than 7 days without Board or Caretaker approval.

      • Motorcycles must be street legal and may be parked year-round on owner's lot.

      • Motorbikes, dirtbikes and motorized cycles that are unlicensed or not WA State street legal may be parked year-round on owner's lot, but may NOT be driven on any MBR roads or property.

  • No improper use or unsafe use of power equipment or discarding any smoking or burning material that could result in a fire or smoldering condition that could lead to a fire.

  • Feeding wildlife is not allowed. WA State law ESHB 1885 makes it unlawful to feed wildlife which includes bears, cougars, coyotes, deer, elk, and racoons.



Excessive Noise is not permitted if it prevents a property owner from being able to peacefully enjoy their property.

Intrusive Noise generated by MBRCC Permitted activities (e.g., construction with an approval and signed MBRCC permit), as outlined in the Guidelines for Minimum Property Standards, is acceptable during Allowed Times, as defined below.

Intrusive Noise generated by MBRCC employees, their agents, or vendors engaged in MBRCC authorized maintenance, construction, or development is acceptable during Allowed Times, as defined below, and may also be acceptable outside of Allowed Times as deemed necessary by MBRCC Board or staff.

All other intrusive noise that prevents property owners from being able to peacefully enjoy their property is Unacceptable Intrusive Noise and is not allowed.

Alowed Times for the use of equipment: Weekdays: Between 7am and 5pm Pacific Time. Weekends, U.S. and Canadian Holidays: Between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time.












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