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The spring cleaning dumpster will be arriving Monday April 24th. It will be here approximately one month depending on usage. We hope to have it gone by the time pool season arrives.

If you plan to use the spring dumpster, please don't forget this is NOT A FREE SERVICE! You must pay for everything you dump.

Unfortunately due to either dishonesty or bad guessing we have to raise the cost again this year.

Everything you dump will cost 50 cents per pound.

If your item is too large for you to weigh, please make a diligent effort to google the weight of the item, or get the best estimate you can.

In 2021 everyone did great, and the dumpster paid for itself, unfortunately in 2022 we did not see the same honesty. If that pattern continues we will no longer have the spring clean dumpster, so please be considerate and make a payment large enough to cover the cost of your item or more, not less.

Remember you are having the convenience of not having to haul these items off somewhere yourself, so maybe donate a little extra in consideration of what you are saving in that regard.

As an example- the average king mattress can weight between 130 - 180 pounds.

That's $65 - $90.

If it's not worth the cost to you then please haul the mattress to the dump yourself.

Often times by simply googling the specific brand and year of a product you can find it's weight.

There are some prohibited items as well, so please make sure to follow all the posted signs and directions.

Thanks in advance!

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