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  • The compactor and recycling areas are located inside the cedar sided structure in the clubhouse parking lot. Located at the Shuksan Rim Dr. and Glacier Rim Dr. intersection near lot 19045 on our neighborhood maps.

  • The compactor is for regular household trash only. If you would not put it in your kitchen trash can, it does not belong in the compactor. Absolutely no furniture, yard waste, building materials, flammables, paint, hazardous materials, appliances, or large bulky items.

  • The compactor has a latch on the door for safety, and an emergency stop button located on a nearby panel. Please shut and latch the door before you walk away - never leave the door open. 

  • MBR supplies recycling totes for mixed bottles & cans, mixed paper, and cardboard. When the bins are full, everything must be thrown away into the compactor. Please help keep this area clean and neat.

  • Nothing may be left on the ground - EVER. The compactor area is not for donating goods. You may post signage and advertise on the bulletin boards or the NextDoor website and have items picked up at your own lot. 

  • The area is under 24 hour video surveillance. A fine is automatically issued for improper use or dumping. 

  • Please help keep this area clean and neat. Report improper use to the office. Our costs are kept low when we all work together and avoid extra charges from the waste company from illegal dumping. 

  • Note: the large swing-gate doors are for Sanitary Service use only. All members and their guests must use pedestrian door on the side of the structure. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Note: the compactor is designed to start compaction every 3rd use. Do not open the door while the unit is cycling - wait until it finishes and then add your garbage. Emergency: If you need to stop the machine at any time, use the emergency stop button located on the grey panel nearby. Make sure to pull that red emergency stop
    button back out once you are ready to use the unit again or the unit will not run. 


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