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For your convenience, you can now make payments to Mt. Baker Rim Community Club online!


Pay using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account using the trusted and secure PayPal payment platform.  No need to set up an account or sign in to PayPal.

Annual dues for 2019 are $675 per lot and due Jan. 31, 2019. 


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No PayPal account? No problem! On the PayPal Log In page, scroll down past the form and select Pay by debit or credit card.

Did You Know?

We don't charge any additional fees for credit or debit payments; however, the processing fees paid by Mt. Baker Rim for this added convenience can really add up, especially using an international (non-US) card. As a nonprofit organization funded exclusively by dues, remember--our savings are ultimately your savings. For example, the Rim's cost for a $675 dues payment using a US credit card is around $20 or $30 for a Canadian card. The Rim operates on a small budget and strives to keep dues substantially lower than most homeowner's associations with similar amenities. For those of you who bank with a financial institution who offers online Bill Pay through their website or mobile app, this is an equally-easy and convenient online payment option that is usually free to you and Mt. Baker Rim. Read on for how to set it up.

Online Bill Pay (through Your Bank's website or mobile app)

Most banks and credit unions offer Online Bill Pay for no charge with personal checking accounts (and often savings and money market accounts as well) through their website or mobile app. After signing in to the account, look for Bill Pay feature, then add Mt. Baker Rim as a "Pay To" account (your bank may use different terms). Once the payee information is entered, it will be saved in your profile for next time and you can view the payment history. When you submit the payment, your financial institution mails us a check, saving you a stamp, envelope, and time. 

Pay To: Mt. Baker Rim Community Club

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5074, Deming, WA  98244

Account Number: MBR street address number (we call this your lot #)*

*If you are a vendor or contractor paying to renew your vendor gate card, please indicate the gate card ID # (printed on card/fob) that you wish to renew.









GLACIER, WA  98244



P.O. BOX 5074

DEMING, WA  98244