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2023 Annual General Meeting

Held Saturday, June 24th @ 1:30 PM via Zoom. 

Property Standards Report

Grounds & Maint Report 

Member Relations Report

Member-at-Large Report 

2023 AGM

June 24th on the ZOOM platform

Setup and ZOOM training at 12:30 p.m.

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

For security reasons, members MUST pre-register for meeting link. 

Email to request the

registration link again (will be mailed and/or emailed to you on or before 6/13/23 depending on your indicated preference).

Meeting Agenda

Registration and Q&A period at 12:30 PM

The meeting will be called to order at 1:30PM

  • Adoption of order of business

  • Introduction of 2022-23 Board of Directors

  • Approval of 2022 Annual General Meeting minutes

  • Directors' reports

  • Waiver of Annual Audit

  • Nominations of Board of Directors for Open Seats

  • New business

  • Member comment period (note- this is not a Q & A)

  • Adjournment



  • Expiring Term- Rheannon Shoephoester (elected term ends June 2023) 

  • Expiring Term- David Hill (elected term ends June 2023) 

  • Unexpired term- Brad Roberts (elected term ends June 2025) 

  • Unexpired term- Steve Pand (elected term ends June 2024) 

  • Resigning Unexpired Term- Ben Williamson (elected term ends June 2024) 

  • Unexpired Term- Rob Woods (elected term ends June 2024) 

  • Unexpired Term- Dawn Chaplin (elected term ends June 2024) 

  • Unexpired Term- Arnost Fronek (elected term ends June 2024) 

  • Interim  Director- Jen Vinz  (interim term ends June 2023)


  • 4 seats currently up for election


In keeping with past precedent, board director positions will be set at a special meeting following AGM (if needed), and in accordance with directors' skill set and board consensus.


2023 OFFICIAL AGM Notice

Individual and Expanded AGM Materials:

 Be sure and scroll below to read the bios

for the 2023/24 Board Director nominees.
6 seats have unexpired terms; 1 of these is resigning.

4 seats are up for election 
The voting will take place June 25-27th, 2023. 
Members of record will receive ballots in their email on June 25th via the ElectionBuddy platform. 
Please contact the office if you do not receive a ballot.



2023 MBR Board Director Nominees

Rheannon Schoephoester

My name is Rheannon, and I have been serving on the board for 3 ½ years. I moved to MBR in the mid 90’s as a teenager with my family and have been here full-time ever since.
I am very passionate about keeping Glacier and MBR the quieter, woodsy community that has drawn so many of us to it. My family and I walk and bike around the neighborhood almost every day and enjoy this incredibly beautiful area we are so lucky to call home. I do own a very small, hands-on property management company, that is completely run by myself and my husband, which is how we provide for our little family to live here full time.
Back in June 2019 after the AGM, I started regularly attending monthly board meetings and joined a committee to help the board with solutions for enforcing our rules more consistently and helping to solve some of the issues and struggles the board was dealing with. By Nov. 2019 I joined the board and took the seat of the violation’s director for 1 ½ years until our 2021 AGM where I moved into the President’s roll which I’ve had for 2 years now.
I think now more than ever, with the new RCW’s regarding the budget and the increase of absentee owners it’s critical who is on our board and representing our community. That is one of the many reasons why I have decided to run again, and why I have chosen a few other candidates to endorse as well. These are David Hill, Brad Middleton, and Jolie Matkowski. It would be great if you would consider giving them all your votes too!
A few things that are important to me are:
Good communication with our members
Good communication with our staff
Making sure our staff feel appreciated
Being approachable for issues in the community from both members and staff
Looking into the possibilities for more staff housing
Problem solving
Enforcing our rules
Keeping our neighborhood from turning into a large vacation rental-only community all about profit.
These are just some of the issues that I’m passionate about. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out! My current email is:
I am volunteering to continue on the board if you would like to elect me again. I look forward to meeting those of you whom I have not yet had a chance to meet!
Rheannon Schoephoester

David Hill

My family and I have been in the Rim since 2010.   I retired from full-time work six years ago and since then have lived full time in the Rim.   I was raised and spent the majority of my life in New York City.

I previously served on the MBR board from 2013 to 2018.  My first role on the board was overseeing Property Standards.  My second role on the board was to manage Grounds and Maintenance.   The G&M role had me overseeing two Caretakers and their direct reports for three years.

What brought us to the Rim was a love of skiing and the country.   I feel super blessed to live in such a beautiful place and great community.   Keeping this community great is super important to me. 

My professional background is in computer-cyber security and intellectual property.

Brad Middleton

I would like to submit my name for the Grounds and Maintenance Director position on the MBR Board. My wife, Lorri, and I, while not native Washingtonians, have lived in Washington state since the early 1990s since my retirement from the US Navy and absolutely love Washington and in particular living here at MBR. We have owned our property on Welcome Road since 2007. We originally had it in the vacation rental market, but enjoyed spending time here so much we decided to take it off that market so as to afford us to spend more time here. As of May of 2022 we have both retired and now live in MBR permanently. Lorri was Director of Operations with Seattle University's Executive MBA program and I worked with various commercial real estate companies. We have always felt the MBR board has been a competent and responsive governing body and I would like to assist in the process as best I can. With my background I think this position would be an ideal fit for me as well as benefiting MBR. I have listed some bullet points below of my experience over my varied career. 

  1. Ex-Navy engineer having held ranks of E-1 through E-8 and officer rank to Lieutenant with 4 tours in Persian Gulf Ops area. Currently member of local VFW post 1585 in Bellingham.

  2. Former Director of Engineering and Director of Project Management with some of the nation's largest commercial real estate firms including Equity Office, CBRE, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Urban Renaissance Group. In these positions I held key leadership positions in engineering and project management in the development, maintenance and repair of over 4 million square feet of new construction which included Seattle's World Trade Center, Key Center and Three Bellevue Center in Bellevue, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation corporate campus, Amazon occupied buildings of Troy Block, Tilt 49 and the retrofitted Macy building now known as 300 Pine.

  3. Served on the Seattle Fire Department Advisory Board for 2 years which approved all code upgrades to Seattle Fire Code.

  4. Licenses currently held include Washington State L&I 07 Master Electrician and Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager.

Now in retirement Lorri and I enjoy camping throughout the Pacific NW and spending summers on our sailboat in the San Juans and Canadian Gulf Islands and beyond. Should anyone have any questions that I can clarify please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Jolie Matkowski

I’d be honored to serve on the Mount Baker Rim board. My husband Jason and I are proud to call Mount Baker Rim our permanent full time home and absolutely love living here. Although I travel for work, I’m happiest when I get to be home at the Rim either skiing, trail running, or mountain biking in our awesome North Cascades. I’m a chemical engineer with 24 years of experience in various roles of increasing responsibility including my current role as a facility manager with responsibility for a large workforce, setting and meeting an annual budget, as well as understanding and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. I have been an active board member for several nonprofits including the commission against domestic violence of Whatcom county, association of Washington business, and united way, where I successfully collaborate with the other board members, approve expense and income statements, as well as volunteer at community events. If you elect me to the board, I’ll focus my efforts on preserving our wonderful and beautiful Mount Baker Rim, as well as being fiscally responsible with our valuable dues, and ensuring our community remains the gem of Glacier.

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