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Local Resources

This page contains a list of contractors who are known to offer their services in Glacier, WA.  The Mount Baker Rim Community Club (MBRCC) does not explicitly endorse any of these services, nor warranty any information or services offered by those listed on this page.  The MBRCC provides this list to the community members who may be seeking such services.

Local Fire Station: Glacier Fire Protection District 19
9953 Mt Baker Hwy
Property Address Signs

NW Safety Signs (ask for the standard template for Mt Baker Rim Community Club address signs)


General Contractors/Construction

Hemlock Const. -John Hayes (360)599-2506 
Highline Const. -Trevor Sweezy (360)746-5455 
Mt Baker Const.- Todd Schuh (360)739-0149 
John E. Tack Const- (360)410-6235 
Twin Atkinson Const.- Cyrus Atkinson (360)599-3712 c: (360)483-6972

Arden Const.- Josh Arden (360)220-5187 
Briscoe Builders- Justin Parker (360)319-0957  
Mt Baker Roofing, Inc.- (360)398-2135 
Iron Clad Excavation- (360)966-3944 
Tyler Long- (360)599-3868

JG Builders- (360)393-5737  

Yugen Yama- Bradlee Frierott- (360)-599-1800 or c: (858)-740-0070


Clear Solutions- Jim Klessig (360)599-9594 
Hemlock Const. - John Hayes (360)599-2506 
Mt Baker Septic- (360)383-0013 
Squalicum Valley Design- (360)592-5544 

Lil John- (360)733-4015 


Glacier Electric- Greg Bernier (360)599-9400 c: (206)235-6043

Vans Plumbing and Electric- (360)354-2171 
Valley Plumbing and Electric- (360)988-9631 

Glacier Water District-City Water Services

(360) 599-2558

Property Clean Up/Junk Removal

A+ Clean Ups 360-599-1501 or 425-343-8438 -


Yard Maintenance/Landscaping

Cynthia Whitely- (360)599-1123 (and housekeeping)

Kari Hoss-

Mountain Man Services- Kevin Roomsa (and home care)- (360) 410-9244

ISA-certified Arborists

William Sorgen, Complete Tree Care- (360)-224-1686

Tree Removal Contractors

The Tree Guys and Gals- (360)510-6428 

Kens Tree service- (360)966-3234 

Whatcom Tree Service- (360)354-7962 

Acme Tree Works- (360)739-3759 

Mt Baker Arborist LLC- (360)927-3565 

Home Cleaning Services
Cynthia Whitely- (360)599-1123 (and landscaping) 
Silver Lake Service- Zed Blue- 360-961-8611
Chimney Sweep
Mount Baker Chimney Sweep- Zed Blue- 360-961-8611
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