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2018 AGM

June 9th at the Clubhouse

Registration begins at 10:30 a.m.

Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.


We'll continue to update this page until the event. Be sure and scroll below to read the bios for the 2018/19 Board Director nominees. We have five openings that need to be filled.



2018 MBR Board Director Nominees

Lisa Beliveau

Originally from the Northeast, Lisa has lived in Washington since 2000. A lifelong skier, she started skiing at Mt. Baker in the early 2000s and moved (full time) to MBR over a year ago. With a BA and an MA in English, Lisa offers significant communications experience, and for the past 15+ years, she has worked in product and program management with clients at Premera, State of Washington, and Microsoft. Professionally, Lisa's expertise lies in creative problem solving and in addressing the concerns of individuals and groups--especially when differing priorities need to be managed. She is passionate about living in the Cascades and would love to bring her talents to the MBR board.


Michael Betker, interim Grounds and Maintenance Director

Originally from Canada, Michael immigrated to the Midwest for four years, returning to the Pacific Northwest in 1998.  He purchased his vacation home in MBR in 2012 with the hopes of using it at least once or twice a month. Having fallen in love with the area and community, he has spent almost every weekend at MBR, as well as for several weeklong staycations.  He has experience on a previous HOA board where he was very aware of all of the facility issues going on and worked with a management company to resolve issues.  Having done numerous home and work renovations and working with facility companies, would be a good fit for rounds and maintenance.


Krister Fast

MBR is a great place and having a dedicated set of Board members is important.  I heard that we have 5 openings on the Board this year. I was Insurance and Legal director from 2009-2012.  I'm willing to be a Board member again.  I'm a property manager in Bellingham and have owned in the Rim for over 20 years.


Sally Hewitt, current MBR Secretary

Born in Seattle, Sally has lived most of her life in Washington, and has lived in the Rim since 2004. She edited an environmental newspaper for nine years, worked part time in the MBR office for five years. Sally taught skiing at Mt. Baker, her favorite ski area. Her university degrees: English literature UW and fine arts/painting WWU (her first book “Confetti Wind” was published in 2016). For many years, she was a North Cascades Audubon Society Board member. She has served as Secretary since January 2017 and enjoys the work, a way to give back to the community.


Ed Keller, current MBR Treasurer

After Ed retired in 2013, he moved into his new home here at the Rim where he now lives full time. He began serving on the Board in the spring of 2014. Since then he has served as Treasurer for two years and before that served as Vice President, Violations Director, Legal and Insurance Director, and Director-at-Large. He wishes to stay active within this community that he loves and to continue to contribute his time and abilities to keep Mt. Baker Rim a place where members will continue to come because they love to be here as he does.

Christopher Park

Chris was born and raised in Northern British Columbia, where he grew up in the outdoors, and has made Vancouver home for the last 25 years. Being a professional accountant (Canadian CPA), the experience he would bring relates to financial and risk management. Currently he is the CFO of a resource-based company. He purchased a place in MBR with his family a little over a year ago as he and his family are avid skiers and needed more time in the mountains.


Mark Svetcos

Mark is the VP of sales in Washington and Alaska for NW Medical Partners, and is the VP of Education for a national team of reps across the country. As an "on again, off again" resident of Glacier for over ten years, Mark has been known to man the bar, when necessary, and to be a prime mover in the proliferation of average voices during karaoke season. He is a dedicated family man to his lovely wife, Denise, and his two always-hungry children, Dimitri and Sandrina.

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