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Another Clubhouse Update:

It’s been a long wait to finally get to have our appointment to do the ground penetrating radar imaging. This imaging helps us to see and locate the underground plumbing for the clubhouse, and also to confirm the soils.

It is likely that we will be injecting in a polyurethane foam under the clubhouse this time to raise the floor back up and level it.

This is a different material than what was used last time around. We hope that this one will do a better job and will last longer than the grout that was used before.

Of course it’s not as simple as just drilling holes and spraying in foam, many aspects have to be analyzed such as the possibility of the ground still sinking below it and keeping the foam from

sinking with the ground and just creating another void between the floors and the foam down the road. So while it may seem simple, there are many details to consider and analyze to do the best we can to keep this from being a repeated project every ten years if possible. Looking into all these details and consulting with experts in the area, and coming up with the best solutions all takes some time.

Thanks to Mike and all his time with phone calls and organizing, -On November 9th we were finally able to get this imaging done, but we are still waiting for their report which we should have sometime this week. Once we have this report in hand Mike will share it with the other two specialists so they can review it and give us bids for the project.

Once this happens the board will finally be able to see some hard numbers, time frames, and deeper details for fixing our clubhouse issues. We will of course keep you all posted once we have more info we can share about this.

With the booming construction, this project has taken a lot of patience thus far, and currently some of these specialists are booking at least 4-5 months out for the work, so we will all have to continue to be patient and wait for our turn once we have the details finalized and can set a date for the repair work to take place.

In the meantime, Mike has also been working on the issue of the broken pool heater, and working towards having that all fixed up and ready to go for our plans to open the pool next summer again- regardless of the clubhouse status. Of course we would like to have the clubhouse open for summer if possible, but with these repair companies booking so far out, and the length of time it takes to gather the needed info to make the decisions about it, it’s just too soon to have a good idea on a repair date.

Once we have more detailed info, we will keep you posted here. Thanks for your patience!

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