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Overdue Clubhouse Update,

Updated: Jun 7

Hi all,

I know many are curious about the current state of the clubhouse, and I've been asked what's going on in there, so here's another update. 

I took a bunch of pictures on December 29th, and January 6th, so here are a few of them to give you a little visual of what the clubhouse looked like the last few weeks. More progress has been made since these were taken. I'll try to post some more photos again soon.


Both bathrooms have had the stall doors and the toilets removed and trenches were dug through the concrete to access all our failing drain lines. 

Some pex plumbing has been added which is more flexible and resilient and more resistant to breakage caused by freezing. All plumbing that can be is being taken out of the concrete floors and being moved into the much more accessible walls during this process. This should make future repairs much less expensive and more convenient. 

Women's sink and toilet area

Women's sink and toilet area

Women's shower room changing area

Men's sink and toilet area


The smaller staircase between the bathrooms has been removed and that's been turned into a storage closet below for all of our tables. 


The main staircase was partially removed during the floor raising process, so that has been restored and fresh new flooring is on its way for those. 


The movie and book exchange area has been cleaned out (temporarily) and is receiving new flooring.


The board voted to remove the sauna floors and replace them with concrete and possibly use removable cedar plank mats on top (still to be determined on that). This will make the sauna much more cleanable. New cedar benches will be installed too. 

As a side note if you didn't already know, Mt. Baker Rim used to have a hot tub many years ago. That large hole still tiled and all was underneath the floors of our sauna. That has now been filled with pea gravel and will receive fresh concrete over the top. 


Outside we moved some plumbing to accommodate the new interior plumbing positions. Trenches were dug and they have already been re filled. 

Some other items and tasks are still being determined. This post certainly doesn't cover the whole scope of work, but hopefully it gives all those of you with curious minds a little info as to why the clubhouse is still closed and the importance of keeping members out currently. 

While we do not have a completion date set in stone, we hope and anticipate the clubhouse will be opened for our next pool season. We know many are anxious to get in and use it once again. 

Thanks for everyone's patience! 

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