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Clubhouse Update

I know that many of you are probably wondering what’s going on with the clubhouse. Mike our Community Manager looked into the company who did the similar clubhouse repairs last time, (which was about ten years ago) and it doesn’t seem the company exists anymore. We were hoping to get some insight and information from them about the past repair to help us avoid having this happen yet again in the future. Mike has called around and collected info and advice from professionals in the field of our needed repairs. While the construction industries are booming, getting appointments with professionals involves waiting for their availability. Since there is no crawl space or access to get underneath the clubhouse, our first step is to have a company come in and do ground penetrating radar scans to get a better feel for exactly what is causing this sinking to happen so that we can hopefully avoid it in the future. We do have a company scheduled, but are still awaiting our appointment as they were booked up quite a ways out. They are Scheduled to be here mid October and we hope to know much more after that. As new information becomes available we will try to post more updates, unfortunately there’s not much to post about just yet while we wait for our turn in line.

Thanks to all of you for your patience!

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