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Latest Clubhouse Update

Unfortunately the appointment we have been waiting for to have the ground penetrating radar done was canceled on us at the last minute. We need to have the two other specialists on site during the radar so that they can see what’s going on as well to provide their own accurate estimates for repairs afterwards. Mike has been working hard to reschedule it and has given us the update below.

Foundation Repair: Following the cancellation, the schedule started going off the rails. Trying to align three busy contractors with key people at MBR, we were looking at dates in December. Since the cancellation, I have been chasing them with emails and phone calls. Today, I was finally able to confirm a rescheduled date of November 9th for the imaging work with key individuals from the other two companies both on site. From there, once the ground penetrating radar l report is available, I'll follow up to obtain / confirm quotes with timelines from the others.

Once we have more information after the 9th, we will let you know what we hear.

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