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This is to inform the membership that effective immediately we no longer allow garbage cans to sit outside.

We have received complaints about rentals having large trash cans on their properties that accumulate waste and attract wild animals. The animals (often raccoons) dig through these cans making an unsightly mess, and in some cases this has led to wildlife showing aggressive behavior in attempt to protect these new found food sources. At times some have had to be relocated or unfairly euthanized. This also contributes to bear being drawn to the neighborhood. The board has unanimously voted to pass the new rule below:

”MBR does not allow any trash cans outside since these attract bear, raccoon, & other wildlife. All trash cans must be kept in a locked shed, or garage, or a certified bear proof can must be provided and placed in a discreet location if trash is being left outdoors.”

Please help us protect our wildlife and be good neighbors to them by immediately ceasing to use all outdoor trash cans and removing these from your properties. We thank you very much for your cooperation!

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