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Pool and Clubhouse Update

We know that many of you are anxious to know what’s going on with the situation regarding the pool and clubhouse, so we wanted to give you a little update.

Regarding the pool opening, we still do not have an exact date unfortunately, but it is being diligently worked on. Our new Community Manager Michael has spent a lot of time digging for solutions for us, while Ken has been spending time getting the pool all finished up and ready to open as soon as possible.

Many of the issues have been worked out such as the requirements for more than two entrances to the pool area with an emergency exit and proper signage, having a shower, a baby changing station, and having the proper required locks for entrances for pool safety.

Thanks to our new board member Arnost, who is working with Mike, we now also are working on a plan to allow the use of our key card entry system at the temporary pool entrance as well.

Here are the issues that we are dealing with currently as to why we are not yet open.

1) The biggest issue currently is that with the clubhouse having to stay closed for now, we still need toilets. While some have suggested members just walk back home for this, we are required to have these on site to be open, it’s not optional. With the construction boom in the county we have not been able to find any portable toilets to rent, or even to buy. We do have places willing to service them if we can get our hands on some.

At this point we would like to reach out to all of you and ask if any of you have any connections through business or otherwise where we may be able to find some portable toilets to use for the summer? If so, please send the board an email and let us know.

2) The other issue is the chlorine shortage. This isn’t currently keeping us from opening, but is a concern for staying open in the future.

We have reached out to multiple suppliers, and can only get about two weeks or so of chlorine at a time max. Our staff continue to put in orders and stay on top of it, but we aren’t able to purchase the amounts we would normally, so for now we are stocking up on as much as possible, but it’s not much. We do currently have enough to open assuming we can get some toilets, but that can change over time.

Lastly in regards to the clubhouse:

Our staff are currently focusing their time and efforts on working out the kinks to open the pool without the clubhouse and then we will return to focusing efforts on the issues of repairing it very soon, and will post another update when we have more information.

We thank you all for your patience as we do our best to work out the kinks and get things opened up as soon as possible!


Mt. Baker Rim Board of Directors

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