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Pool Closed Again For The Morning

Well, as you may have noticed the Rim has been off to a bit of a rough start this summer. We started with a sanitary issue at the pool early on, then we had electrical issues which we were luckily able to address and fix in less than 24 hours, our compactor burst its hydraulic hose a few days ago and had to be repaired the next day, and last night our chlorine feeder malfunctioned and dumped way too much chlorine into the pool. Ken is working hard today to get the levels back down to a safe range so we can reopen ASAP, and to fix the pump. None of these issues mentioned above were foreseeable or preventable on the part of MBR, so please give our staff your thanks and appreciation when you see them. They are working very hard and it's good for them to hear the communities appreciation for all they do rather than to hear people's disappointment when amenities break down or things go wrong that are out of our or their control. Our staff work very hard behind the scenes, and we appreciate them!

We hope to have the pool back open sometime this afternoon, but it should at least be open for tomorrow mornings regular open time of 9am. Please feel free to check back for any new updates, I'll post here once it's open.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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