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Weather and roads update

I just wanted to post a little update for any members who cannot get up to Glaicer right now and may be worrying about their homes with all the crazy weather we had in the last couple days.

While the lower areas such as Everson, and Sumas saw the most damage, there were several places along the Mt. Baker Hwy where the water crossed the road. There was also a smaller mudslide in one spot. The Mt. Baker highway was closed down, and I cannot confirm whether or not it is officially open but I have heard that some cars have made it through today. Please keep in mind that just because you can drive through the road that doesn’t mean it is safe to do so at this time as there can be erosion under the roads that is hard to see. Emergency personnel are already stretched thin helping all the hardest hit areas, so it is not kind to unnecessarily add to their workload. If a road closed sign is still up there is a reason why.

The closest issue to MBR that I am aware of was where the water came over the Hwy. down by Boulder Creek which is near the Baptist camp, approximately a couple miles west of Glacier.

Inside MBR I have not seen or heard of any road damage to our streets.

We did have a few culverts backing up which were cleared.

I walked over by the levee yesterday and while the river was raging full of water and much wider than I’ve seen it in a long time, it was not up high on our clubhouse side.

Several trees came down on the far side of the river opposite the clubhouse, and there was a lot of water running through Glacier Creek, but everything looked good on our side.

I was worried that due to saturation we may see trees falling, and I know some other members were concerned about this as well. So far I have not seen or heard of any trees on homes in MBR. I have not personally driven down every single cul-de-sac or dead end, but I have also not heard of any issues such as this from our staff either. If an issue is found MBR will contact those owners individually.

My heart goes out to all those in the lower elevations and in Canada who have lost their homes and those who have had to evacuate or lose loved ones, or have their businesses damaged during this very difficult time for so many! I’m sure the communities will be needing lots of volunteers to help with cleanup in the coming days and weeks, and I hope everyone who is able can lend a hand where possible. For now in MBR the rain has stopped, Church Mountain is once again sugar coated with a dusting of fresh snow, and the sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day in Glacier!

Stay safe everyone!

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