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WHY ISN’T MY CUL-DE-SAC PLOWED BETTER!!? Also why are the roads not as great as they could be?

Wondering why your cud-de-sac isn’t plowed better? Or why the main roads are a little deeper with snow than usual? Today has been a tough day for our reliable little plow. One of our employees was up bright and early in the dark trying to get a good start on the plowing and shortly thereafter the plow got stuck for some time which set us quite behind. Once things were worked out and the plow was back out and running, Ken and Chris took shifts getting things cleaned up as fast as possible between the plow truck and the little tractor. Then unfortunately the blade broke on the plow and became stuck in a straight position. This means that they cannot push the snow over to the sides of the roads to make them wide and clean them up like they usually do. This also means that the cul-de-sacs aren’t looking so pretty because they can only make straight lines across them. They did the best they could getting things cleaned up a little, and then had to head into the shop to attempt to heat it up and manually flush the lines so they could try to manually lock the blade in a position to divert snow.

So if you’re feeling a little frustrated about the plowing today, please remember that Ken and Chris were working very hard all day to stay on top of the 2 plus feet of fresh snow we received, and while doing so Ken even sacrificed his Christmas morning with his family which was something that was of course important to him! So please rather than venting a frustration, take the time to give them a kind thank you instead for their hard work today despite obstacles, and remember that today was just a rough day which we all have from time to time! thanks!!

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